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Yorkshire Farms

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Buckhannon, West Virginia

Welcome to the website of Yorkshire Farms, specializing in breeding beautiful Yorkshire Terriers and in finding good homes for them.

If you've been considering adding a sweet and intelligent puppy to your home, you'll be glad you selected your new companion from Yorkshire Farms. In fact, our goal is to make your entire experience pleasant, from your first contact with us to bringing home your new friend. Our Yorkies are carefully bred to produce the outstanding colors, silky coats, and the exquisite small body and face of the Yorkshire Terrier, and we tend carefully to their growth and veterinarian needs to make sure you are receiving a healthy animal.

The Yorkshire Terrier was developed in England around the mid 1800s, and has become one of the most popular breeds of dogs today. Their coat is silky and long, becoming luxurious with regular brushing. Known affectionately as "Yorkies," this breed is valued for its courage, energy, and curiosity.

This tiny dog (typically 5 to7 pounds) has a big personality, so it's important to seek out a responsible breeder such as Yorkshire Farms where you know the owner has shown them love and playful attention to prepare them for life in your home. With our seven years of experience, we have learned how to breed for personality, health, appealing colors, and conformity to breed standards.

NEWS: Contact us for information on older females (two-to-four years old) that we are selling because they are too small for breeding.

NEWS: Check the Studs page to see an exquisite gold Yorkie breeder for sale.

Questions? Email us at for more information. Your inquiry will be met with a helpful, friendly attitude. We would love to help you find the perfect Yorkie companion!

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